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Remarq brings reading, research, and peers together
  • Take private notes while reading articles using a profile that exists across publishers.
  • Post public contributions to articles that belong to your field of expertise.
  • Read contributions and comments by a community with selective membership.
  • Share articles you read with your colleagues.
  • Follow active collaborators so that you receive updates about what they are reading and talking about.
  • Leave in-line comments and notes.
  • Share your ideas to private or public conversations.
  • Follow articles that interest you and stay always up to date.
Post private notes
Within articles, you can make private notes for later using a profile that exists across publishers. You can get an overview of your notes across articles, journals and publishers.
Post public comments
You can post public comments to articles that you read. Only qualified users are allowed to post public comments. Your profile will be reviewed by our team and your comment will be posted publicly if your are qualified user for the allowed subject areas of the journal.
Enrich your user profile
Remarq’s user profiles serve as hubs for person-to-person collaboration. You can create a profile within the Remarq community that will exist across publishers. This profile can be enriched with more details about their academic and professional backgrounds.
Discover colleagues
You can find other researchers using Remarq and learn more about their academic and professional backgrounds.
Connect with active collaborators
You can stay connected to other researchers and qualified users is by following them. You can follow researchers whose work you are interested in to expand your network and see updates about their publications and contributions on Remarq.
Collaborate with your peers
You can discover groups in your area of interest and join the conversation. Groups provide a space and a convenient way to communicate with other professionals or your colleagues. You can choose the group's privacy type depending on who you want to be able to join and see the group.
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