Engage your readers,
authors and editors.
REMARQ is a collaboration network for researchers and qualified users.
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Remarq prevents low quality comments and abuse.
What the experts say
Jo McShea
VP & Lead Analyst, Outsell, Inc.
Taking on the likes of ResearchGate and Academia.edu means matching (or exceeding) their offerings in terms of simplicity and ease of use – which Remarq does. . . . With Remarq, RedLink accepts that collaboration is an integral element of the research workflow, and comes at it from an angle which addresses the needs of multiple stakeholders via an entirely legal solution, which will appeal in ways that the likes of SciHub, ResearchGate, and Academia cannot.
David Worlock
Co-Chair, Outsell's Leadership Programs
Remarq enables any publisher to create community around annotated discussion and turn it into scholarly exchange and collaboration. Services like . . . Remarq are real harbingers of the future of publishing.
Dozen of journals trust Remarq.
The Remarq Advantages
Works on any site
no plug-ins required
A single line of javascript on your site, and Remarq will be ready to go allowing seamless movement of annotations and comments from HTML to PDF and back. You can choose to run it on one journal, a few journals or across all your journals.
  • Integrates with home pages, TOCs, articles, and more
  • Simple setup and automatic updates
  • Fully responsive and context-sensitive
Article sharing that counts
Let your users share articles while capturing the usage data associated with shared use. Remarq refines recommendations based on sharing, as well, making your site a useful portal to the literature while keeping users engaged.
  • Stop content leakage to third-party sites
  • Make your site a stronger hub for community and collaboration
  • Determine the parameters for sharing that work best for you
Engage your readers,
authors and editors
Offer a rich user experience with communication tools for authors and edtiors, and reader tools including private note-taking and public commenting. Easily deliver updates to readers.
  • Solicit comments and conduct reader polls
  • Enable post-publication review to your standards
Affordable, easy to adopt and easy to manage
For a small annual fee, your journal can have all the benefits of Remarq, including an intuitive interface that will be consistent across your entire portfolio - in fact, anywhere your users find Remarq. A single line of javascript on your site gets things started. Our intuitive design makes managing it as easy as ordering online.
  • Point-and-click administration keeps it simple
  • No big build or long requirements documents
  • Flexible and straightforward configuration
Designed to support publishers
Remarq has been designed so that functionality only appears when appropriate. Using soft colors, clear design motifs, and contextual cues, Remarq integrates visually with any site. Article sharing adds to your usage stats, interactions add to your traffic, and our design adapts to your unique branding.
  • Activity occurs on the version of record
  • Interactions appear and vanish as expected
  • State-of-the-art, intuitive interface
HTML? PDF? Absolutely
Remarq technology works across HTML and PDFs, so that comments and notes created on one show up in the other, all while preserving the version of record. Our PDF viewer does not take your users out of your domain or require PDF storage on our servers.
  • Users viewing the PDF online see comments, notes
  • Comments and notes created in the PDF carry over to the HTML version
  • All activity occurs within your site domain
User surveys and Opinion polls
Publishers, marketers, and editors will be able to use Remarq to survey their audience on any number of topics -- relevance of content, utility of the design, or interest in new initiatives or run polls for hot topics or interesting questions facing their fields of expertise. Surveys can be placed on-site as a widget or sent as links via email or social media.
Post-publication Reviews
Publishers can opt to allow users to post structured post-publication reviews, using categories the editorial team prefers, customizable at the journal level. Users will be able to rate articles, qualify their ratings, and add their insights in a structured environment. Reviews can be moderated before publication or after. Fields can be required or optional.
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